Different Viewpoints 1992

This work is part of a series that explores the theme that one and the same event can be experienced differently, depending on the position of the viewer.

Here the viewer sees a cylinder, covered with printed paper, which can be set in rotating motion. Only with the use of a (stroboscopic) torch a short animation becomes visible, in which the narration unfolds itself differently, depending on from which side the viewer starts.

This work evokes the atmosphere of a magic lantern. The sensation of bewilderment that the viewer undergoes is all the more amplified by the fact that the viewer knows to be watching a mechanical and "real" object. Whereas we have learned to unquestioningly accept all kind of miracles from the electronic medium, the world of mechanical objects is still considered to be real, unsurprising and understandable. This tension between the different ontological status of electronics and mechanics (leading to different questions being asked) has later culminated in the work "The Logic Of Life" (1994).