Encounter #1 2004

This is the first work in the "Encounter" series, in which the viewers see themselves in a space together with other virtual visitors. The key idea is that by entering the space one starts to interact with the virtual visitors.

The "Encounter" series explores the concept of interaction with the viewer and as such forms a stadium in a development towards something like interactive cinema.

A central element here is a chair, inviting to be seated in. Ofcourse never more than one - real or virtual - person can be sitting in the chair! The elusive virtual visitors manage to steer away from collisions and keep their distance. In this way they make us experience the tension between, on the one hand, the frustratingly unattainable ideal of real contact, and, on the other hand, the safe certainty of avoiding conflicts.

The relation viewer-space-work is made even more interesting because the artist (never completely absent in a work of art) here is actually present as a virtual visitor. And if there are more viewers present an extra exciting dimension is added: who is virtual, and who is not?