It's about time #2 1992

The time stetcher, developed by Bill Spinhoven in 1988, visualizes
the impact of time on space. The debt to Einstein, the great scientific theoretician who fundamentally changed our conceptions of time and space, was already acknowledged in Albert's Ark (1990).

This work is an even more explicit ode to Einstein. On the wall there is a small portrait of Einstein, accompanied by a citation on the relation between science and art. Art is also present in the form of a violinconcert from Mozart, which was one of Einstein's favorites.
And the rotating clock does not just record scientific time, but also is remeniscent of the artist Dali. Scientists and artists have contributed to the atmosphere of this work, and the boundaries between the two disciplines seems to be blurred here, as both make us aware that the human lifeworld is necessarily conditioned by the fact that it takes place in time and space.

The monitor being placed in a sober, minimal way on a flight case, seems to playfully underline this: look, this work has travelled, through time and space...