Your Turn #1 2003

The books about physics in a drawer in this desk indicate that this is the desk of a physicist. What are the abstractions that this physicist (maybe A. Einstein?) projected in his mind?

Turning the handle on the desk results in the appearance of a projected light bulb. If one continues to turn, the light emanated from the bulb becomes brighter and brighter, until finally from the light a video image comes forward. This video image is either a Time Stretcher (like in "Albert's Ark" , 1990) or an image of the space around the desk in which time goes backwards, depending on the turning direction of the handle.

This work depends on the curiosity of the viewer: if the viewer does not explore, there will be nothing to see - in this way the curiosity of the viewer parallels that of the physicist!

The image of the light bulb ties together several related elements: the electricity generated by turning the handle, the light that places a central role in relativity theory, and the light bulb from a projector, that, in this context, is not the cause of the projected image, but the projected image itself...